Hangover Cures
So you were over served last night uh? Here are a few quick fixes that might help alleviate your pain. Each one is color coded to meet your ailing symptom(s). Most of these can be found at a health store.
Drinks: Herbal/Pills: Foods:
1. Bloody Mary, Screwdriver, 1. Sob'r-K 1. 10 fresh strawberries
   Mimosa, or a beer. 2. Nux Vomica 2. Umeboshi Plums
2. Plenty of water 3. Ginger (500mg) 3. Breads and Cereals
3. Any juices(i.e. orange juice) 4. E-mergen-C
Color Key:
 1. Dehydrated
 2. Headache
 3. Upset Stomach
 4. No Energy
 5. All Of The Above 
   (Try 1 glass orange juice, 1 tsp. 5. Multivitamin
    Lime juice, and a pinch of cumin.) 6. B-complex(100mg)
4. 7-up 7. B-12 (2,500 mg)
5. Ginger Tea 8. Any feverfew
* Avoid Caffine drinks (i.e. Coffee, Coke, )