The D.U.I. Field Test (Driving Under The Influence)
1. Walk The Line - Find a straight line somewhere flat, ask them to take 10 heal-to-toe
             steps along the line with their hands at their side, on the tenth step make them
             turn around and take another 10 steps back, make sure they count loudly
             and don't skip any numbers, If they stumble or don't count they fail.
2. The Simple Trick Question - Ask your friend(s) a simple question such as reciting the
             alphabet starting at a given letter or counting backwards from 24 in multiples of 3.
             If they ask you what or can not answer they fail.
3. Follow The Pen - Have them cover one eye and hold their head straight, take a pen and
             move it across their face about 15cm away in a left to right motion slowly, ask
             them to follow the pen with their eye, weatch their eye, if you notice the twitching
             when the pen is to the right or left of their head, they failed.
4. Stand & Count - Ask your friend(s) to stand with one leg at least 15cm off the ground
             and their hands at their side, ask them to count to thirty, If they stumble they fail.
5. Head Back Palms Up - Becareful! Find a spot with plenty of space, ask your friend(s)
             to hold their arms straight out with their palms facing up and feet together,
             next ask them to tilt their head back with their eyes closed. If they fall they fail.
This test is for fun and should not be used to determine if someone can drive. Please Don't Drink And Drive.